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It began as a conversation between two friends about stress, time, fear and burnout. Long time friends, Eloise Stewart and Will Joseph began developing the beingwell content to address these topics  for women in business. It has evolved into retreats and workshops among professionals that allow for vulnerable but actionable conversations about issues we face in our everyday lives and careers.


 It is not a "5-step program" with one right way. Instead its resources, workshops, retreats, and a podcast that discuss our relationships with time, margin, expectations, and boundaries. Its not all theory and fluff - it is simplified content around heavy and confusing topics to help you find YOUR next right step. 


It is our hope that beingwell will make us more mindful and better prepared to respond to the everyday situations that we face in our professional and personal lives.

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Eloise Stewart


In addition to directing beingwell in the US, Eloise is the owner of  .eloise. design co, a branding company based in Opelika, Alabama. She and her team help small businesses and non-profits build businesses and brands well through design, consulting and training.  

Eloise's background in teaching and curriculum development at Auburn University as well as consumer behavior research, enable her to design material that helps people in their need. 

Eloise knows all too well that when the person is not well - the brand suffers. She loves guiding others to the next right step, whether personally or professionally.


Will Joseph


Will is passionate about seeing individuals and communities flourish. Combining his skills in facilitation, human-centered design, community development, entrepreneurship, and pastoral care - Will loves to come alongside all types of individuals and organizations to facilitate their growth. 

His journey includes stops in the corporate, small business, and non-profit world where he focused on training, well-being, and community development. Will currently lives with his wife and boys in Havelock North, NZ where he is a pastor and part of the beingwell team.


You might be thinking...


start beingwell?


do we need another program about well being?


will this be any different from all the other programs, content, and podcasts out there?


Here is why... 

  • because we need more conversations about the things we suppress and ignore.

  • because we need to hear stories of others who have experienced stress, fear, anxiety, burnout, and failure. 

  • because we need content that directs to asking the right questions.

  • because we need content that helps us find our next right step to beingwell amidst the chaos.

  • because we need perspective.

  • because we can't be well alone.


Day-long in-person retreats with a small group of individuals

what is




Two-hour productive workshops on topics that we struggle with in work and life


A podcast hosted by Eloise and Will that dives deep into series on specific topics 


A journal that helps you process your stress in 5 minutes a day


to collaborate


or book us for a workshop or retreat

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